Born in Saint Brieuc, France

Private music-school in Saint Brieuc

First compositions of songs and melodies

Work in a French radio station; Compositions in style pop and rock music;
Writing of poems (in the style of Goethe and Chateaubriand)

Composition of the child-story "L'histoire de Babar le petit éléphant" from Jean de Brunhoff.
Ouverture for "Macbeth" from W. Shakespeare, performance in Frankfurt/Main

Several compositions and arrangements in the Rock / pop style;
Composing variations of a song from Brahms for a performance in Frankfurt/Main

New arrangements of Marc Bolan's Rock-opera "The children of rarn suite"

From 1997
Works in the style of classic music

“Symphonie du nouveau siècle” welcome-greeting on the new millennium

20. June 2000
3. Price composition-competition with “Wiener Quartett”

2. June 2002

Premiere "Ave Verum Corpus" in the cathedral of Frankfurt/Main
Miscellaneous compositions: for example Flutes quartet, piano-sonata for four hands

2004 until today
Several compositions, arrangements and recording for the album "Celtique Impressions", Composition of the mass "Notre Dame du très Saint Rosaie"